Boobzie is the first of its kind to take the coozie concept and inject a hearty dose of (dare we say, irresistibly sexy) personality.

Offering an entire line of voluptuous insulated beverage covers, sporting a Boobzie with your bevvie is guaranteed to bring a sense of fun to any get-together.


The Boobzie brand made its official debut in 2011 when the Hooters restaurant chain featured the first-ever Boobzie throughout their 460 locations. Our Sin-City "Welcome to Las Vegas" Boobzie soon followed; commissioned by the Marshall Retail Group for their hugely popular souvenir shops.

The success of our two custom lines prompted us to finalize the US Patent and brainstorm a number of new designs. Our initial line of fourteen (14) products or as we prefer to call them, "girls", was unveiled via our online store in the Spring of 2012. Each Boobzie girl models a snug shirt, with a tongue-in-cheek slogan, along with a profile that highlights a few aspects of their (endearing) personality. The concept of our products being actual girls along with the inclusion of a playful backstory, is a fun way to differentiate the brand, to provide an edge, an attitude, and to ensure Boobzie will be something to get -- and keep -- people talking.

Determined to keep our line-up fresh 'n fun, the number of girls available is continually expanding. Since 2012 fourteen (14) new girls have been added, covering a multitude of themes and seasonal offerings. One introduction perhaps closest to our heart was the introduction of Victoria, our girl specifically designed to help raise awareness (and funds) for breast cancer. 

In addition to our standard product line, Boobzie offers companies the ability to feature a unique, entertaining and potentially custom-branded product for: 

  • wholesale distribution
  • direct sale via online or retail stores
  • promotional opportunities
  • special event giveaways

The Boobzie brand is a natural fit for a number of marketing, promotional and/or retail avenues, namely anywhere where boobs and beer are bound to be appreciated:

  • Liquor stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Restaurant chains
  • Souvenir shops
  • Bars & Night Clubs
  • Novelty / Gag Gift sites and/or retailers
  • Collegiate fraternal social organizations
  • Fun brand promotion item for corporate events, conferences and/or online stores
  • Bachelor Party and/or Groomsmen Gifts for giveaway or as a featured item for party planning companies
  • Boudoir Photography Studios
  • Sporting Events -- Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Golf, Racing, etc
  • Tailgating Parties / Events
  • Recreational Outings -- Boating, Motor Biking, Fishing, Beach Days, Camping, Guys Night, Girls Night, etc
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Drives

Custom commissions marked Boobzie's beginnings...and they continue to thrive. A growing number of companies have found their custom designed Boobzie girls to be hugely popular -- and successful -- for their respective brand(s). Companies such as:

  • theChive
  • Guinness
  • Banff Canada
  • Pink Taco 
  • McGuire's Irish Pub 
  • Rehab Las Vegas
  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  • Redhead Yacht Club
  • Hammerhead Beach Bar
  • Hooters
  • Flounders Chowder House 
  • Patterson Plastic Surgery
  • Thiel's Wheels as well as 
  • Marshall Retail Group -- which includes several creative additions designed for their retail locales throughout Las Vegas & Atlantic City

As the brand continues to expand, what will remain consistent is Boobzie's laser-focus on our set of winning assets and our ever-present sense of humor.


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