Talent Search for the next Boobzie Girl turns into 7-days of Boobzie debauchery, a recap Part 1

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Tastefully crafted by Miss Beehaven on  June 5th, 2012

Image Source: http://www.instructables.com/id/Beerkini/

Day 1: Today is the first day of California Fashion Week…otherwise known as Swimsuit Week and my girls and I are the brightest, most well endowed, stars in a sky full of celebrities. I have no doubt that when we walk onto that runway wearing today’s hottest beach fashions, the whole world will see that my Boobzie girls make Victoria’s Secret look like the closet of someone’s Amish aunt. I’ve cancelled so many facial appointments and personal trainer sessions in order to scout potential Boobzie girls that I’m barely recognizable. This week everyone will know that my sacrifice was worthwhile.

Day 2: Yesterday went really well! Although Sasha and Becky were drinking their weight in beverages across the spectrum -- beer, champagne, tequila, you name it -- backstage before the show, they managed to walk the runway like they were mad at it. The whole effect was incredibly sexy and I could not have been prouder. Is it wrong for me to have ordered extra cases of adult bevvies for today’s show so that all my girls could re-create yesterday’s success? 

Image Source: HomeTestingBlog

I’m known for my excesses – I’ll never forget the time I drank Mick Jagger under the table…what a lightweight – but I’m the most fabulous woman in the world and my girls are still in training. Of course, I’m also known for my amazing taste and I would never have recruited girls who weren’t up to the challenge. Right?

Day 3: I have never been so wrong. Who would have thought that all those beverages could have made my girls so frisky and wild? I could barely control them. It was like watching a Girls Gone Wild videos…live! 

Image Source: Orlando Sentinel

While I had my back turned, Tiffany and Stacey were busy putting the “muse” in several musicians who made the mistake of coming backstage before the show. Apparently they were discovering if Maroon 5 should have been called Maroon 12 and whether or not Kanye is as wild as he seems. What was I doing while they were busy taking music appreciation classes? Well, what can I say, I was catching up with a few old friends of my own…..to be continued

Image Source: KeepCalmStudio.com


Tune in Thursday for day 4 through 7....

Tastefully crafted by Miss Beehaven on  June 5th, 2012

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