Talent Search for the next Boobzie Girl turns into 7-days of Boobzie debauchery, a recap Part 2

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Tastefully crafted by Miss Beehaven on  June 7th, 2012

Image Source: UpgradeTravelBetter.com

Day 4: I learned my lesson and made sure I was backstage before the show so I could keep an eye on my girls. Of course I also made sure to order extra everything…again; I’m anxious for the show to go well but I’m not evil after all. I would never allow anyone to be parched in my presence!  Maybe I should have taken a lesson from my girls because after my 6th glass of champagne—nerves darling!—I thought it was a great idea to have them choose men from the audience to walk them down the runway.

Image Source: FacetsbyMarcia.com

While it was adorable to see these unattractive men get so flustered and red-in-the-face as they scaled the Grand Tetons, as it were, it was horrible to have to call security to extricate them from my girls when the show was over. Of course, I take no responsibility for the situation; what girl can stop herself from coming up with the craziest ideas when she’s thinking outside the bottle…as the case may be.

Day 5: Well, the fit has hit the shan for lack of a better phrase. Apparently the men my darling girls selected as escorts down the aisle – the fashion aisle-- yesterday– were apparently top investors in our designers scrumptious summer line and, further apparently, these designers are refusing to continue investing unless they are allowed to escort my girls to the Swimsuit Week after-hour festivities. On one hand, I am uber-proud of my girls for selecting the richest men in the audience—I always tell them to appraise the shoes and watches for an accurate financial summary—but, on the other hand I’m dreading telling the girls they’re limited to these men for the rest of Swimsuit Week. They so took my National Cougar Day declaration to heart that they’ve been seen with no one but hot, young studs for the last month! I’ll take my cue from Scarlett O’Hara and tell them tomorrow…

CW Nikita

Image Source: CW Nikita

Day 6: My beauties took my news very well. In fact, they’re acting thrilled to be dates to the rich investors during the rest of Swimsuit Week. I’ve spent so many nights bailing them out of crazy jams—who could forget Flo and Pamela and the night they almost married a rich Saudi Sheik because they told him how much they admired Princess Jasmine in the cartoon Aladdin. The Sheik demanded camels that night in exchange for them, but thank goodness it turned out all he wanted were my humps. While I don’t mind being showered in jewels and designer clothes, it can be so tiring to try and turn away an admirer. I wasn’t thrilled about having to take on 12 new suitors if they all decided to rebel. Thankfully, they seemed excited at the prospect of dating these investors. All I could wonder was why?

Day 7: Now I know why my girls didn’t mind being on the arms of these investors. They knew that the men were taking all of us to Italy in their private jet!

There’s nothing like waking up with a hangover in Rome. I love a country where I can eat as much pasta as I want and never be judged for eating carbs! It might be the red wine talking, but I think Swimsuit Week went wonderfully this year and my girls came out of it the shining stars they were meant to be. I hope the next Swimsuit Week ends in me waking up in Greece. Speaking of which……….(yum)


Tastefully crafted by Miss Beehaven on  June 7th, 2012

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