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Tastefully crafted by Miss Beehaven on  June 26th, 2012

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Ladies: I, Miss Beehaven, am here to share with you a little secret, there is no such thing as 'not in the mood'!

Darlings you know that I am always a fierce promoter of a woman’s right to do anything a man can do but better and in higher heels, of course. Although the question still remains, why would a woman want to do the sort of things some men are doing? Honey, please, that gorgeous gal Mother Nature gave us two big (if you’re lucky) reasons for men to beg to do everything for us, and frankly I have much better things to do with my hands than open my own door. But I digress…

In the Mood for LoveI am so pleased to report that aphrodisiacs have undergone a modern makeover, and womankind has taken a giant step forward in the area of intimacy enhancements. No longer will a lovely girl out on the town be forced to return home to a freezer full of ice cream because sadly when push came to ‘pull your pants down’ she realized she just wasn’t in the mood.

As you know, this is an area in which the less fair sex has been kicking our respective butts for many years, ladies. Who can even say the words ‘little blue pill’ without wishing that we had our own ticket to four hours of fun town?

Wish in vain no longer! Downing oysters before a big date is so last season darling. It seems that some clever chemists – remind me to send them a bottle of bubbly, darling – have realized that if women get the same rush from sex that we get from a hot fudge sundae and a bubble bath then we just might want to have more of it. Bless them for finally understanding; the male species can be somewhat thick, but that’s why we love them isn’t it darlings?!

Magic PillThey’ve put their collective brains together—wouldn’t you have loved to be a part of this experiment – and combined what must be the world’s most fabulous herbs including ginseng, cacao, gingko, and cayenne, along with other wonderful things like fairy dust, the Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookie, and the ash from the late great Coco Chanel’s cigarillo to form a plethora of fabulously magical pills, lotions, and potions guaranteed to bring joy and happiness to every woman who takes one or all of them.

I was so filled with the spirit of women’s libration that I decided to put on my scientific heels, and conduct my own private research to discover which of the many intimacy enhancements would really do all they claim. I do these things not for me, mind you, but for my sisters in need around the world.

Endless pill popping is usually reserved for Fashion Week, and since I never put anything in my mouth unless it’s the best of the best, I limited my research to the three contenders boasting the most sterling reviews: Provestra, HerSolution, and Hot Rawks.

Female Enhancement Pills

Much like a sorority girl’s prized assets, all these brands claim to be natural. Far be it from me to suggest otherwise, I leave it to you to decide for yourself. But how do they work, you ask? Much the same way as the wonderful little pills our hairy brethren have been enjoying all these years, they increase the blood flow to your VIP area so everything feels more intense. Not to mention the extra energy and focus they promise. In short, these lovely little helpers make you crave sex like it’s your job.

Interestingly, they’re all made with different herbs – makes me wonder what would happen if some greedy woman (me) took one of each? Provestra boasts an ability to increase fertility (take extra precautions, darling), HerSolution is doctor approved, and Hot Rawks is made with only organic ingredients and superfood – cacao (otherwise known as the lovely bean that brings us chocolate).

What have I learned, you ask? Well my doves, I’ve learned that cayenne pepper is apparently good for spicing up more than my Bloody Mary; both HerSolution and Hot Rawks included it in their magical potions. I will obviously be treating that spice with much more respect in the future. I’ve also learned that with the strides modern science is making on behalf of women everywhere, there’s no longer any need to deny yourself the holy trinity of an intimate encounter: primping, presents, and pampering just because you’re not ‘in the mood.’


Love PillI’ve also been inspired to take the internet away from my Boobzie girls, because if they knew that they could be experiencing stronger orgasms and increased sexual cravings, they would be unstoppable. I have enough trouble reining them in as it is, darling.

It wouldn’t be ladylike for me to divulge which of these magical elixirs I favored the most, instead I encourage you to do your own research. Now rush out and get your hot little hands on these potions and start preparing for an evening in. Of course your second stop should be your waxer, spa, and hair stylist, but I digress.

As you slip one of these magical aphrodisiac-in-a-pill between your lips I urge you to say a silent word of thanks to those pioneering women who made this miracle possible, Susan B. Anthony, Jenna Jameson, and Madonna.

Bless you ladies, this one’s for you!

Tastefully crafted by Miss Beehaven on  June 26th, 2012

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