The Breastaurant Recipe: The REAL reason it’s an award winner for restaurants

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Tastefully crafted by Dr. Mr. ManCandy on  July 18th, 2012

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So I’m sitting in my favorite bar the other day, having just tipped back a few of my signature Bullwhips, when I overhear someone bad-mouthing what I think is one of the best business models on the market today. No, I don’t mean the two-for-the-price-of-one breast implant deals they’re offering now in SoCal, though I do find that to be a bit of marketing genius if I do say so myself. I’m referring, of course, to the newest restaurant phenomenon that’s taking the dining world by storm: breastaurants.

Now you can probably imagine the ignorant jabs made by this fellow, most of them attempting to reduce these so-called “teeteries” and “public man caves” to little more than a cheap excuse to ogle the well-endowed. I had half a mind to get up and give this loudmouth a bit of Dr. Mr. ManCandy advice he wouldn’t forget until the bruises faded. But thanks in large part to common sense coupled with the fact that I had a few too many Bullwhips already weighing me down, I decided against it.

There is more to this tasty little restaurant recipe than meets the eye(candy). Let me take this opportunity to clear the air and set the record straight as to why these pioneering restaurants deserve more just a covert glance.

The beer + food + boobs combo is only PART of the equation - consider it the menu equvalent of an appetizer. Sure, you can grab a decent brew, a whopping burger (or if you're up to the challenge, any one of those served at Heart Attack Grill), a tasty rack of ribs, some spicy wings or a nice steak at many of these buxom bistros, but that’s not what’s keeping them overflowing (no pun intended) with loyal customers. In today’s fast-paced, no-nonsense restaurant industry, little havens like these are a place for guys of all kinds to:

watch the game,
and most importantly, enjoy some face-to-face conversation with women that they might not find elsewhere.

Sexy doesn’t mean not classy or trashy. As all the Boobzie girls can attest to, having a chest that’s broad doesn’t mean being one. While the wait staff at the typical breastaurant might be a bit more scantily-clad than at your average diner, it’s all done in a tongue-in-cheek, “don’t think we don’t notice you looking” kind of manner. You won’t find sleaze in a place like this, and anyone who frequents their local man cave will tell you that you’ll be hard-pressed to find friendlier, more down-to-earth servers.

All are welcome. I know the idea of a diner staffed by button-bursting women seems to scream “single dudes”, but the lone cowboy demographic is closely followed by another, slightly-less macho bunch: families. That’s right, folks – if mom and pop can give their neighborhood breastaurant their stamp of approval, there’s no limit to who might enjoy a dinner with a view. Any night of the week you’ll find more than a few tables occupied by families, couples, and even the occasional girls-night out crew.

So next time you’re in search of a quick bite, a few brews, and some friendly banter with some of the finer-looking females around, don’t overlook a restaurant just because it’s staff uniforms don’t leave much to the imagination. Of course, if you’re like me, that’s just one more reason to stop by.

Wanna know where you can find me? My next blog will feature all the breast bust-based establishments in my (big) black book with a view worth mentioning - all Dr Mr ManCandy approved of course. Stay tuned!

Tastefully crafted by Dr. Mr. ManCandy on  July 18th, 2012

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