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Meet Heidi

wearing Bottoms Up


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"There are only two absolutes in life - Friends and Liquor – but I’m here to tell you, the best times usually involve both!"

After leapfrogging around the world, our girl Heidi only recently arrived in the States for a year abroad. With her penchant for global travel and her hearty love of the nightlife, Heidi can raise a glass and ‘cheers’ in 50 different languages….an admirable talent indeed!

Hobbies All varieties of “extra-curriculars” -- she’s an expert at Flip Cup, Pong, Quarters, Fuzzy Duck, I’ve Never, Power Hour…well, you get the idea.

Likes Pre-gaming!

Dislikes Party fouls.

Education Card-carrying, fully certified Professional Mistress of Spirits. (Completely self-taught, of course!)

Favorite Color Clear….because it mixes so well.

Favorite Food Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker!

Relationship Status Really into Jack, Jim, Jerry, Johnny, & Jose…this girl has a definitive type! She stays detached, so she can give all the boys a “shot”!

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