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Meet Betty

wearing First Aid


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"If love can’t cure it, nurses can!"

What's more important than overcoming an illness? Having something GREAT to look at while you fight off the pain!  Nurse Betty is the perfect candidate to "practice" her medicine on a very willing patient.  Always the best assistant to the Doc, she has what it takes to be by your side the whole way - all without messing up her manicure!

Hobbies Kissing away the pain! She’ll never let you down.

Likes People in pain! It’s true job security, and she’s always there to lend a helping hand…or two!

Dislikes Drawing blood & changing bedpans (TMI!)

Education Flirted her way through Nursing School, and somehow aced every test…who says it can’t be done, while maintaining a social life??

Favorite Color Blood red!

Favorite Food Usually stuck eating cafeteria food in between patients, she prefers being ‘treated’ out to a nice lobster dinner by candlelight!

Relationship Status Currently dating an EMT, but really open to any man in uniform that’s making a delivery to her ER! You can reach her at 9-1-1, and she’ll show you a good time!

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