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Meet Dixie

wearing Gone Fishing


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"It’s not the size of the rod that matters; it’s how you cast it that counts!"

Dixie is an outdoors girl who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. An all natural beauty, she expertly uses her double-lure rig to reel in her catch-of-the-day. Her idea of dressing up is slipping into hip waders…and nothing else. Always on the lookout for a good time, when Dixie trolls for a man, he’s hers… hook, line, and sinker.

Hobbies Making moonshine (shhh!). Skinny dipping. Living it up.

Likes Fishing - Fly, Night, Ice, & Deep Sea. Fast Boats. Faster men.

Dislikes Catch & release. Empty tackle boxes. Couch potatoes.

Education Readin’, Writin’, Datin’

Favorite Color Camouflage

Favorite Food Catfish. Bacon Sundaes. Bullfrog Legs.

Relationship Status If it’s Ladies Night, I’m single! Ask me again in the morning.

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