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Meet Stacey

wearing I’m With The Twins


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"I’m one fascinating girl; I’m not going to lie. Ken wants me, and Barbie wants to be me."

Beauty is 99% attitude, and Stacey is chock full of limitless “beauty”. If you don’t believe in love at first site, perhaps Stacey should walk by again. She’s so proud of her assets she’s named them. Their names? Oh, she’ll whisper them in your ear it if you lean-in real close.

Hobbies Finding new playthings.

Likes Confidence, sexuality, sensuality and choices, lots and lots of choices.

Dislikes Boredom.

Education If the purpose of an education is to replace an empty mind with an open one, then yes, I have a double PhD.

Favorite Color Surprisingly, white. However there are many who believe I have no business wearing it!

Favorite Food Buffets.

Relationship Status Single but seeking. If love is the question, then I would hazard a guess the ones asking that question just haven’t met me yet.

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