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Meet Amanda

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"If you don’t ask, they can’t say no."

A good girl, with a few bad habits. Amanda is the quintessential girl next door. You’ve had a crush on her since junior high. You’ve seen her from your window (through her window!), through the fence, your binoculars, perched in a tree….I think we all understand the years of dedication to (continually) witness this beauty. Some may call Amanda your addiction, but we know it’s just devotion.

Hobbies Volunteering at the dog rescue, church activities and reading to children at the library (at least that’s what I tell people).

Likes Being spoiled.

Dislikes Learning things the hard way.

Education Too much education rubs off your originality.

Favorite Color Limelight.

Favorite Food Sweet treats.

Relationship Status Single but always looking for Mr Right. Good girls go to heaven but bad girls make you feel like you’re in heaven. I guess you can say that perhaps I’m not a good girl after all.

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