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Meet Amber

wearing Touch Down


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"Yeah, I play like a girl. Some things are better that way."

This all American girl is a cheerleader, beauty queen, and Captain of her all female fantasy football league. When Amber’s not winning a crown she’s in the clubs practicing her touchdown dance (usually on top of the bar). This girl is more popular than dollar beer night, so if you’re hoping to reach Amber’s end zone you better be one heck of a player.

Hobbies Shaking my pom-poms. Sacking the quarterback. Snuggling under a big blanket.

Likes Monday nights. Solo cups full of beer. Tailgating parties. Body paint & foam fingers.

Dislikes Tme outs. Fumbling hands. Being intercepted.

Education Advanced degrees in team spirit & straddling the top of the pyramid.

Favorite Color Pigskin brown

Favorite Food Beer..of all varieties. Oh, and anything served at a tailgating party!

Relationship Status Still searching for my tight end.

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