The Sporty Collection 6 Pack

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The Sporty Collection

Meet Heidifrom the The Bitties Collection

wearing Bottoms Up $9.95

With her penchant for global travel and her hearty love of the nightlife, Heidi can raise a glass and ‘cheers’ in 50 different languages.

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Meet Billiefrom the Classic Collection

wearing Wish You Were Beer $8.95

Our resident pool hall junky, billiards-shark and beer lover. Billie will school you if you don't know how to handle your cue stick!

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Meet Trishafrom the Classic Collection

wearing Hog Wild $8.95

Trisha is not afraid to take control of her own destiny - or to take risks.

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Meet Bettyfrom the Special Occasion Collection

wearing First Aid $8.95

Nurse Betty is the perfect candidate to “practice” her medicine on a very willing patient.

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Meet Pattyfrom the Special Occasion Collection

wearing Rub For Luck $8.95

She’s no leprechaun, but she sure knows how to put you under a lucky spell.

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Meet Shelbyfrom the Sporty Collection

wearing Victory Lane $8.95

My motto is speed, muscle and attitude. Speedy cars, muscular guys, and good old fashioned attitude.

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Meet Noellefrom the Special Occasion Collection

wearing Santa's Helpers $8.95

This mischievous minx is in charge of Santa’s “other” list; Noelle knows it might be better to be good, but it’s certainly more fun to be bad!

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Meet Candiefrom the Special Occasion Collection

wearing Happy Birthday $8.95

Our girl Candie is someone who has everything (and two of the best things!); but believes a girl can always use more! Her motto? Why celebrate only once a year if you can get presents 7 days a week?

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Meet Victoriafrom the Special Occasion Collection

wearing Save the Boobzies $9.95

Our girl Victoria grabs life by the horns. As much a lover as a (fierce) fighter, one thing she's not - a quitter.

A portion of the profits from sales of Victoria will be donated to help raise funds for breast cancer awareness

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Meet Chloefrom the Sporty Collection

wearing Double Dribble $8.95

A firm believer that bad girls are just good girls who use their imagination, our girl Chloe loves basketball.. but not as much as she loves basketball players.

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Meet Nikkifrom the Sporty Collection

wearing Double Play $8.95

As a player, Nikki’s a double threat; her talents as a catcher are legendary, and she hits it out of the park when it’s her turn up at bat (it’s all in the grip!).

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Meet Dixiefrom the Sporty Collection

wearing Gone Fishing $8.95

Dixie is an outdoors girl who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. Her idea of dressing up? Slipping into hip waders…and nothing else.

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Meet Pippafrom the Sporty Collection

wearing Tee Time $8.95

Born into a life of Prada-level privilege and the undisputed queen of her country club, our girl Pippa settles for nothing less than platinum status.

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Meet Amberfrom the Sporty Collection

wearing Touch Down $8.95

More popular than dollar beer night, this all-American girl is a cheerleader, beauty queen, and Captain of her all female fantasy football league.

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Meet Samirafrom the Sporty Collection

wearing World Cups $8.95

An international beauty and frequent traveler, Samira’s passport has more stamps than the Post Office. But you can count on this lovely lady to collect pilots, not miles.

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Meet Beckyfrom the Classic Collection

wearing Boobalicious $8.95

When Becky is good, she’s very good…when she’s bad, she’s even better. Pretty, witty, bold and bodacious, Becky knows the best way to behave is to misbehave. You can count on her to bring all the boys to the yard.

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Meet Tiffanyfrom the Classic Collection

wearing Boobs Gone Wild $8.95

While you’re talking about it, Tiffany is living it. Barely 21, Tiffany is busy ensuring everyone puts more than a face to her name. Her plan? To darn near derail the social network train.

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Meet Mrs Robinsonfrom the Classic Collection

wearing Got MILF? $8.95

Modern society’s hot mom, Mrs Robinson is the object of affection and fantasy across many a school yard. If you can’t stand the heat, then you need to step away from this lady’s kitchen!

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Meet Staceyfrom the Classic Collection

wearing I'm With The Twins $8.95

Beauty is 99% attitude, and Stacey is chock full of limitless “beauty”. If you don’t believe in love at first site, perhaps Stacey should walk by again. She’s so proud of her assets she’s named them.

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Meet Sashafrom the Classic Collection

wearing It Takes Two To Party $8.95

A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous. Sasha is both. She’s a good time girl by nature but you better be packing a gold card (or three) because this girl demands only the finer things in life!

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Meet Amandafrom the Classic Collection

wearing Just Hang Out $8.95

A good girl, with a few bad habits. Amanda is the quintessential girl next door. You’ve had a crush on her since junior high. You’ve seen her from your window (through her window!).

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Meet Sheilafrom the Classic Collection

wearing Mack Daddy $8.95

Warning: This one has an attitude and knows how to use it! If you think you’re a player, then Sheila’s your coach. She knows it isn’t what she does, but how she does it.

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Meet Gabbyfrom the Classic Collection

wearing Motorboat $8.95

A good girl by land & naughty by sea, Gabby is the perfect storm. She likes to knock all the buoys around and looks great both port and starboard side. Handy with a line, Gabby is lots of fun to get tangled up with.

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Meet Flofrom the Classic Collection

wearing My Cups Runneth Over $8.95

Those who say love is blind have never laid their eyes on Flo. So delicious, you’ll want the recipe. Flo is the hostess with the mostest.

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Meet Pamelafrom the Classic Collection

wearing Size Matters $8.95

Brash and in your face, some criticize Pamela for climbing the ladder of success wrong by wrong, but with assets like hers we’re willing to bet two wrongs make everything right!

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Meet Janefrom the Classic Collection

wearing Team MILF $8.95

Old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyway, that’s our Jane. She’s a woman who firmly believes that you’re never too old to be young again.

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Meet Sandyfrom the Classic Collection

wearing Two Scoops $8.95

If one is good, two is certainly much better. Chocolate & Vanilla, Peaches & Cream, Peanut Butter & Jelly…all the best things come in (generous) pairs. You can count on Sandy to double the pleasure and double the fun.

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Meet Wandafrom the Classic Collection

wearing U Can't Touch This $8.95

Always keeping her standards high and her heels even higher, Wanda is the woman who enjoys being admired from afar. On nearly everyone’s most-wanted list, Wanda loves a good game of cat and mouse.

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